National Shooting Sports Month – Share Your Passion!

Did you know that August is National Shooting Sports Month?

The NSSF or National Shooting Sports Foundation has named August as THE month to take a friend shooting.  Whether you grab your grandpa’s shotgun and take your kids shooting and share your family’s heritage, or go to your local range with friends, shooting is an American pastime that families have shared for generations.  

National Shooting Sports Month - Share Your Passion!

One of the ways our family shares shooting is by running camps for youth 18 and under.  Since 2014, our family has been involved with junior camps. We know it’s one of the ways for young people to learn how to shoot a shotgun, rifle, and pistol.  Kids can learn both safe firearms handling and spend time in an environment that allows them to grow while challenging themselves alongside other young people.   If you can’t make it to a camp, check out your local Isaac Walton League or your local trap and skeet range for a new shooter night.   Scholastic shooting sports to your NRA Smallbore clubs to your own backyard – there is a place to shoot near you! 

National Shooting Sports Month

I know it’s August, so even if you live in the south where it’s hot, consider the opportunity to share shooting by visiting a museum or battlefield. Some of my favorites are the firearms museum in Cody WY or the NRA’s museum in Fairfax VA.  But from the museum of the mountain man to battlefields across the south, you can find firearms history almost every place you find American history.  They’re so intertwined with our freedom that you can’t separate them. 

National Shooting Sports Month

So whether you get outside and share shooting by bringing BB guns to your family pot-luck, or by taking your friends to shoot sporting clays, or bringing your kids to the woods to scout for your deer hunt this fall – go do it! Celebrate your freedom to shoot, hunt and be American! 

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